Professional Photographer’s Program

A program that makes sense for the Professional Photographer.

Most business owners are too busy with growth and maintaining a client base to worry about reviewing their insurance program.

We are all guilty of concentrating on the creative aspects of business and ignoring the functional parts. But ignoring the need for comprehensive insurance is risky business – especially with all the risks facing us today. Equipment is more expensive than ever. Crime is more sophisticated. And lawsuits are more prevalent.

I encourage you to spend just a few minutes to review what type of protection your current insurance plan provides…and how much more protection you could have with very competitive premiums, all created for the professional photographer

Camera Equipment Coverage:

This coverage follows your equipment on a worldwide basis. You provide the company with a schedule of equipment at replacement cost value.


Protects your business from claims arising out of injuries to your customers or the general public, or from damage to the property of others. Protection extends up to your policy limits. Included is coverage for premises-operations, products-completed operations, personal injury and advertising injury liability. Defense costs as a result of such claims are covered regardless of fault, in addition to your policy limits.
We offer 1,000,000/2,000,000 or 2,000,000/4,000,000.

Business Personal Property:

This coverage is for your equipment and furniture that stays in your place of business. Written with Special Form and Replacement Cost.

Non-Owned/Hired Auto Liability:

Coverage is provided for damages that you are legally obligated to pay due to bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use, loading or unloading of a hired or non-owned auto in connection with your business.
We offer 1,000,000.

Business Income:

In the event of covered loss, this coverage will reimburse you for the actual loss of earnings for up to 12 months.

Medical Payments:

Limit is 10,000.

Tenants Legal Liability:

Limit is 300,000

Some Of The Major Coverages Are:

$150,000 Blanket coverage limit of:
-Accounts Receivable
-Computer & Media
-Valuable Papers
-Personal Property of Others
$25,000 Business Personal Property off Premises
$25,000 Employee Dishonesty and Erisa
$25,000 Forgery & Alteration
$25,000 Money Order & Counterfeit Paper
$5,000 Claims Expense
$25,000 Personal Effects
$500,000 Newly Acquired Business Personal Property
$10,000 Laptop Computers World Wide Coverage

Our commitment is professional moral standards and ethics.

We take time to educate our clients and to stand with them in the time of need.

Nichols Insurance has been insuring the professional photographer for over 20 years and we honor our relationship in the industry.

Hartford has formed the insurance center to provide you with the most responsive and efficient customer service possible using state of the art equipment and a professional friendly staff.

Whether you need a certificate of insurance or to increase limits for a shoot, or just ask a question about your coverage, we are both here for your convenience.

Valuable Basic Services

Commercial Auto Coverage

With valuable enhancements such as providing excess coverage for hired autos and extending legal liability coverage for negligent drivers.

Workers Compensation

Affordable Workers Compensation coverage to meet your needs as a business owner.

Flexible Payment Plans

A variety of premium payment plans that will help you meet your cash flow needs.

Superior Claims Handling

Providing customers with prompt and professional handling of their claims.

Long Standing Stability

Nichols Insurance has been in business since 1943 and will continue serving our community.

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